How to Deal with the Relationship between Competition and Cooperation Incentive Network Market

Published: 09th October 2011
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As we know, the society is changing with each passing day, and all kinds of professions are springing up. With the development of our society, everyone is in the face of various competitions. If one is a student, he has to study hard to lay the foundation for his future, and his scores must be compared with others’. If one is a skilled worker, his skill must be compared with others’. If one is looking for a job, he also has to face the intense competition.

Like it or not, nowadays, the society is highly competitive, and we all know that "Survival of the fittest". Competition exists in all walks of life, and nobody can refuse to face reality. Maybe it will company us all the life time, sometimes we are under much pressure, or overwhelming pressure. However, we have no choice but to be brave.

Once there is much pressure, there is also much incentive network force. However, every coin has its two sides. If one is too eager to become successful, sometimes maybe he is not that friendly to his rivals, even regarding them as enemies subconsciously, including his friends.

Maybe he will stab other competitors in the back and disown all his relatives in order to clean the deck. At length, he makes it only by fair means or foul, but at the same time, he also loses his friends and relatives. He is alone and lonely, then what’s the point of making it?

It’s beyond reproach that everyone wants to strive for his dreams, and many people intend to be the centre of admiration. Then competition becomes nothing but Pandora’s Box, it’s horrible. No doubt stiff competition is cruel and impersonal, but we ourselves shouldn’t become that cruel and impersonal.

Now it’s the turn for cooperation to make a figure, in fact, competition and cooperation can co-exist. Colleagues are rivals in their offices, but they can be friends in daily life, even intimate friends. After all, one person cannot accomplish much, and nobody is perfect in every aspect. Life is also full of ups and downs. When one is confronted with troubles, undoubtedly he needs some help to bestir himself.

Therefore, we’d better take advantage of competition and cooperation in incentive CPA network . When we’re in competition with others, we can still hold together, cooperation is force not to be ignored. We can enjoy pure delight of life as long as we strike the right balance between competition and cooperation.

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