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Published: 07th July 2011
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The marketing environments that influence the enterprise and targeted customers establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationship marketing management ability the various

roles and power. It can be divided into the macroscopic and microscopic marketing environment marketing environment.

Market marketing environment is to point to exist in the enterprise marketing system of external not control or difficult to control the factor and the strength, these factors

influence and power of enterprise marketing activities and realizing the goal of the external conditions.

Marketing environment is that influence enterprise marketing activities and realizing the goal of the various factors and trends. The enterprise marketing activities affect the

amount of time points: long-term environmental and short-term environment.

According to the enterprise marketing influences factors: the microcosmic environment and the macro environment. Marketing environment through to the enterprise is a threat to

the opportunity to influence or provide marketing activities.

The environmental threat is refers to the environment of marketing to the factors and development trends of the enterprise form the challenge, to the enterprise market position

a threat. Market shows by the environment caused by changes in the enterprise marketing activities of attractive and interests of space field.

Market marketing environment as a kind of objective existence, is not the will of the enterprise as the shift, has its own operating regulations and development trends of

marketing environment change will lead to speculative marketing decision of the blind and mistakes. Marketing the job of the manager Related books Is that appropriate

arrangements for marketing mix, to that of the objective existence of the external environment.

Constitute the marketing environment factors and the powers are connected with each other and depend on each other. Such as economic factors can't from political factors exist;

also, political factors will through the economic factors to reflect. From space, the marketing environment factors are a multi-level set. The first level is the enterprise

area, such as the environment of the market conditions and geographical position.

The second level is the whole country policies and regulations, social economic factors, including the situation, a national market conditions. The third level is the

international environmental factors. These a few levels of external environment factors associated with the enterprise of close degree are not the same.

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