Who is the Miser among Astrology

Published: 20th January 2012
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Who is the miser? Is it you? If you want to know more information about the relationship between astrology and money, here is your right choice. Sometimes know your birthday and Astrology, we can get who are generous or not.

Aries-Aries never take consideration for the money. If they have five dollars they will not just spend four dollars. They spend the money by the credit card when the cash is finished, or borrow money from friends. So Aries is always lacking of money and busy paying back the money.

Taurus-In order to save money, Taurus can do anything or use any way. Firstly, Taurus may cut off anything that might be related with money that around him. And then save every minute to looking for part-time work to make money.

Gemini-Most people of Gemini are not qualitative. When Gemini sees something is popular, fresh and funny, he will buy it and have a try. So he loses money quickly.

Cancer-Like Taurus, Cancer is one of the little Astrology that becomes the poor. They know whereís vegetable is the cheapest, and which supermarketís pork is cheapest. If you have a poor Cancer friend, it means they have the mate who spends money quickly.

Leo- As everyone know Leo like luxury brands very much, so they must likely to become paupers is they often buy the luxury brands which are beyond their power to buy. Sometimes they can eat instant noodles for a month just in order to buy a LV bag.

Virgo-It is not easy to make Virgo become a poor man, unless he or she is fired by their boss. Under this situation, Virgo may become the poor one. Or there are nothing can make Virgo to be a pauper. But even though Virgo can find a job quickly to help he gets rid of the poor.

Libra-Libra spends much time and money on their appearances. They naturally like communication, so it was difficult to refuse as long as someone calls them. They may become the pauper for the Luxury brands and keep contact with their friends.

Scorpio-Scorpio is good at make money, so there are not some conditions that can make them lack of money except for two situations. First one, they get the wrong investment that lead to the drain. The second one, they select the wrong lovers, which are good at spending money. Both of these two conditions that can make Scorpio pockets empty.

Sagittarius-Most Sagittarius people are likely to become the poor because they often spend money on doing adventurous things. They never consider the results of what they are doing now, and often have a bold gamble to bet on something they do for the first time. This can make them lost everything, of course including money.

Capricorn-Many people think of Capricorn are very poor, but actually it is mistaken by other people. Capricorn often acts as poor men. In fact, under his carpet or bed is a pile of gold bars. After acting as pauper for a long time, when Capricorn has lots of money, they will not know how to spend money.

Aquarius-To Aquarius, the concept of money is very weak. They are not interested in making money, but also are not interested in managing money. Only at the end of every month, they find their pockets are empty.

Pisces-The romantic and unrealistic character of Pisces is the culprit to make themselves into a pauperís situation. This character is often impractical to Pisces, for example, it is obvious that they have one dollar but they still determine to donate it.

Now I think you should know whether you are a miser or not, but sometimes, different people have different habit. Maybe you belong to a miser astrology, but you are generous to your relatives and friends.

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